Aerial Drone Inspection St Cloud

Discover the power of aerial drone inspection services in St Cloud. Our state-of-the-art drones provide high-resolution images and videos to help you assess, monitor, and inspect properties from above. With our expert team, you can ensure safety, efficiency, and accuracy in your inspections.

Driven by People, Defined By Excellence, trust your inspection to us.

FAA Licensed Aerial Drone Pilot Services

Discover the Power of Aerial Drone Inspections

Unlock a whole new perspective with CSS Inspection Services’ cutting-edge drone inspection technology. Our aerial photos and videos offer a unique vantage point to revolutionize the way you navigate your commercial endeavors:

  • Gain unparalleled insights to make informed decisions when buying or constructing commercial buildings
  • Showcase your property, product, or service with captivating visuals that leave a lasting impression
  • Managing agricultural crops effectively through aerial surveillance
  • Identifying and assessing damages on roofs and buildings

Precise and Detailed Inspections

Our advanced drones can access and capture imagery from challenging locations that are not easily reachable or safe through conventional means. By delivering comprehensive photos and videos of roofs and structures, we eliminate the need for additional personnel and costly equipment. In addition to commercial inspections, our drone technology significantly aids in crop management and monitoring.

Aerial Drone Inspections are ideal for a wide range of applications:

  • Large-scale commercial buildings
  • Steep residential roofs
  • High-rise structures
  • Crop and field inspections

Drone Aerial Photography & Video By CSS Inspection Services


  • Real Estate Marketing
  • New Construction Progress
  • Building & Roof Inspection
  • Agricultural Inspection and Mapping
  • Pilot for Hire
agriculture drone view

Aerial Photogrammetry

The process involves capturing multiple photographs in a grid pattern and merging them together to create a single, detailed high-resolution image.

Heat Mapping

This technique is primarily used to analyze changes in elevation. However, it can also be applied to assess crop health by using different colors to indicate variations within a large area or object.

Volumetric Measurement / Volumetric Data

This refers to the measurement of stockpiles, typically aggregates, which are quantified in cubic yards. The measurement can yield either positive or negative values.

  • For example:
    • Positive: It determines the amount of aggregate present in a pile at various locations such as job sites, mines, pits, and sometimes even livestock feed measurements.
    • Negative: It is commonly employed when measuring empty spaces on land sections for calculating fill requirements necessary for leveling or grading hillsides.

Stockpile Measurement

Stockpile measurement is carried out through aerial imagery to accurately determine the remaining amount of aggregate.

Heat Mapping

Heat mapping is primarily for elevation changes.

Elevations (limited)

Limited elevations are a rough estimation of elevations on projects.

drone view of granite quarry in Minnesota
Aerial view of excavators digging ground. Opencast mining quarry

Live Remote Viewing

Live remove viewing monitors projects in real time, view progress or check on crew safety

Aerial Inspections

Towers, Tall Vertical Buildings, Churches, Steep Roofs , Remote Locations

Progress Reporting

Weekly or monthly progress reports in photogrammetry format are provided to showcase the advancement of major commercial buildings, residential developments, or other large-scale operations.

Agricultural Stand Counts

This method involves surveying fields during early germination stages to determine the number of plants within specific sections. By doing so, farmers can accurately gauge growth and yield rates for the season and make early adjustments that optimize crop productivity.


Inspection Reports within 24 Hours

We understand the importance of the decision you are making and supply our reports within 24 hours so that you can make a wise desision with the purchase of your new property.


Inspection appointments available 7 Days a week

You have a busy schedule, which is why we have convenient day, evening, and weekend appointments available for your home inspection.

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Our Commercial Inspection Services

When it comes to investing in commercial property in Central Minnesota, it’s imperative to work with a commercial inspector who has a solid understanding of the area’s specific needs. We help clients just like you by providing a comprehensive examination and inspection.


  • High-rise Buildings
  • Industrial Buildings
  • Commercial Offices
  • Office Buildings
  • Warehouses
  • Apartment Buildings
  • Stores
  • Gas Stations
  • Restaurants
  • Medical Facilities
  • Schools
  • Churches
  • Dealerships
  • Strip Malls / Shopping Centers